Intelligence does not come only by reading books. Wisdom also plays an important role too. Our mind plays the most important role in our body. If the mind is strong we can overcome all the hurdles in life. For a strong mind you have to be disciplined and organized and do a lot of reading to update your knowledge. And the wisdom will be bound to follow you wherever you go.

By this you will be able to win the world and live a wonderful life. There are many mind games available in the market relating to increasing your knowledge of wisdom. These mind games boggle our mind a lot thus making them get stronger and sharper. Games like scramble and soduko are very good and intelligent games. There are many puzzles available too. From the beginning the child should be taught to solve the puzzles and play mind games to make his mind sharper and stronger. Everybody on this earth has played the scramble game once in his or her lifetime. Playing scramble is a very good habit. It increases our vocabulary and gives our mind the ability to think and come up with a new word.

You can also play the scramble online whenever you want.

You just need an internet connection for that. By playing Scramble you can increase the ability of your mind and it will become sharper and sounder. Playing scramble should be a must among people of all ages. This increases your vocabulary and makes your mind strong. What I personally feel is that this game should be included in the games period in the schools. There are many scramble word competitions held in the interstate and inter college level. It is also played in the inter school level as well. Playing is always fun for one and all. So by playing scramble you can do both. You can have fun as well as learn something every time you make a new word. Life is fun and if it is mixed with some mind boggling games it will be better for sure!